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Ancient Mother

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Ancient Mother

Ancient Mother * Ola Mama * Праматерь

Songs of different cultures of the world 

1. Loch Broom (from Scotland)  01:09 Min.

2. Dance to your Shadow (from Scotland) 02:22 Min.

3. Song for the Earth (origin unknown)  06:02 Min.

4. Doe Doe (from Ghana, Africa) 01:53 Min.

5. Ancient Mother - Ola Mama (Navajo-tribe, North America) 04:20 Min.

6. Blacksmith - Во кузнице (from Russia) 02:03 Min.

7. Birch tree - Во поле берёзка стояла (from Russia) 03:46 Min.

8. Morning Star (from Ireland) 02:37 Min.

9. Mouth of the Tobique (from Ireland) 04:06 Min.

10. Ivy Leaf (from Ireland) 02:06 Min.        


Marcela Moreno: Singing, Lyre, Viola, Violin and Percussion

Marius Stübs: Guitar, Berimbau, Singing and Percussion

Irina Welsch: Singing, Lyre and Percussion 

Eduard Welsch: Viola, Violin and Percussion

Illustration: Antonia Moreno Aruta

Design: Maite Antonieta Montenegro

Tonstudio Studio: Höll, Hamburg

You can buy the CD here

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