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Sound Meditation & Mantra

Discover your breathing, your voice, and your body with up to 10 participants

The sounds of rainmakers, bells, cymbals, lyres, violin, and singing bowls can bring about the deepest state of relaxation and awareness.

Simply  "being there like this"  is enveloped and infused by sounds and vibrations, giving space to sensations of beauty and dignity… Usually, a gentle and equally powerful certainty arises that - embracing the uncertain in life - you will always end up where it is good.

Regulative processes have been proven to take place in this state. You feel strengthened, purified and cleared. Through the combination of sound and warm, you can float home deeply relaxed. The effect of sounds reaches people in two different ways. Through the ear and through vibration. The vibration of the sound vibration massages all our tissues, all body fluids and every cell. This fine energy is transmitted directly to our nervous and energy system.

* Please bring/wear warm socks and comfortable clothing.

  There are blankets and yoga mats in the room.

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 (90 Minutes)



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